Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Farmer's Market Baby Greens

Cheers to my adorable model!

If you are a Mom, you probably understand what I am about to describe. Have you ever done this? I will be cleaning up something and walk to take something to the trash can or the laundry room and on the way there I see another thing that needs tending to and I get totally distracted with taking care of that thing only to realize a few minutes later that I didn't finish the first task. This is kind of what happened with my Farmer's Market Baby Greens Bibs! I had these on my desk for way to matter what something else kept getting in my way of getting these done. So, now I am really really really excited to show my new Farmer's Market Baby Greens. I love them! They are so colorful. Each highlighting a fruit or veggie coordinated together with shades of green. Who doesn't love green? Green is one the most versatile colors. I love green! I love summer! I love the Farmer's Market!! Your babies are sure to eat these bibs up! Also available in blueberry blue, great grape, cheery cherry, and pipping pepper!! Each bib is reversible, and ties together with ribbon.