Tuesday, January 25, 2011

mY oWn DeSigN CaRsEat CoVErS!

So, I am OBVIOUSLY not a photo taker. I have had lots of comments on my car seat cover for my baby; so sorry I have taken so long to post it...I've been a little busy, ha ha. My favoritist photographer has moved, so you have to put up with these lame pics. When I was pregnant I woke up every night at 4:00 or 4:40 on the dot. Weird, I know...but this is when I came up with my best ideas! I really wanted to improve the idea of a car seat cover...so I made it like a tent with a zipper. You can leave it down all zipped up, or un-zip it and have a way to peak at your sleeping babe. Or you can have it unzipped and have half of it folded back and the other half protecting baby from sun or something. I have found it to be very nice. So! If you want one...you will probably have to get me to make you one...since I made it up. You know how to reach me! :)