Thursday, September 2, 2010

OnE wHiTe dResS

Adeline was born 8 years ago and although I had been sewing a little before she was born, she really became my main inspiration to improve my sewing skills. I have a friend whose mother-in-law had made all of the daughters and daughters-in-law wedding dresses in their family. When I learned this about my friend and I now had my own little princess I decided that one day I would make her a baptism dress, and one day a wedding dress. There is something really special about hand making something for someone you love, and also being on the receiving end of something handmade. Nostalgia. Heirloom. Keepsake. All of my little projects in between I have looked at as opportunities to practice and learn. The baptism dress has been half of my ultimate goal as a seamstress. As I now look back I feel really happy and overjoyed about all I have learned about sewing and raising a little girl. I also have to keep pinching myself. I cannot really believe that the day has come for me to make one of the white dresses. I stewed over what to do with this dress, what kind of cuts and lines and styles to follow, and whether to follow a pattern or create my own. In the end I went with simple, but princessy. I love it. When it was coming down to the time to start this dress I seriously almost bagged the idea altogether. I don't really even know why....laziness, anxiety, overwhelmed feelings of being pregnant, lots of other things going on, other dumb reasons, etc. I said a prayer to help me feel like I could do it and, I have to say I felt guidance and a special feeling every step of the way...and peace. Making a baptism dress for my "baby" girl has been somewhat of a spiritual experience! I am so happy with Adeline. I am so happy to be a mom. I am so happy with this special white dress.